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Minequips Riser 010S PLUS - CE, RoHS, 8 capacitors, shielded PCIE, gold plated

Minequips Riser 010S PLUS - CE, RoHS, 8 capacitors, shielded PCIE, gold plated

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The only modern GPU riser in the EU that has been quality assured intensively enough to have genuine CE and RoHS, you won't find a better riser! Version 010S Plus the newest, most stable and most future-proof riser solution for GPU mining rigs!

Why bother with CE and RoHS? Quality guaranteed at each delivery when the riser is certified by an external party by being tested and pressed to deliver.
The riser has also been tested to meet the very strict environmental requirements of RoHS, also via external eu certified testing organization.
Components broken down and complete specification created over the exact components used.
Factory verified by external party.
Riser disassembled to individual components by Swedish control body for verification and complete documentation.
After the above solid check, the factory owner has signed an "EU Declaration of Conformity" where they guarantee that each batch uses the exact same component models, assembled in exactly the same way. This ensures that you can trust that all deliveries are the same quality and that your rigs will be stable for years to come.

Color: Black/red. Size: 12.8x4.3 cm.cable length: 60 cm.

  • Shielded PCIe.
  • Gold-plated USB 3.0 interface makes data transfer faster and more efficient.
  • Six LED indicators on the 16x card and one LED indicator on the small card.
  • 6PIN or 4-pin power supply, and 8 capacitors giving graphics cards independent power and reducing motherboard load when using more graphics cards.
  • Suitable for all Windows systems, Linux and Mac.

Packet contents:

  • PCI-E 16X Riser Board
  • PCI-E 1X adapter card
  • 60 cm USB 3.0 riser cable
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