Our story

Cryptocurrency mining has been done by one of the owners since 2017 and hardware renewal has always brought the same challenges, substandard products, bloat or sky high prices.

During the beginning of 2021, public interest in cryptocurrency mining increased significantly and no organized forum existed for "miners", old and new, professionals and hobbyists lacked a gathering place. In February, the Facebook group "Svensk Mining" was started and in May the group was 300 members strong.
The same question was asked over and over again: "where do we buy equipment without getting ripped off?"

The company was started to provide a secure way to acquire cryptocurrency mining hardware. Products tested for several years as well as some new ones were brought home and checked and a first stock was purchased.
Confidence and thus sales increased and in August a new company was ready, Minequips AB.


Minequips AB will continue to prove that we provide high-quality and proven hardware at reasonable prices and with fast deliveries.
Personal passion combined with responsiveness to customer benefit keeps us several steps ahead of competitors.
Through our webshop, we provide high-quality and proven hardware at reasonable prices and with fast deliveries. Everything is housed in and delivered to the Swedish market.

- We are responsible as a local partner for the delivery and secure each deal with the help of strong buyer protection through Klarna. The quality and compliance of the products is ensured through each product's certification and test results.

- We minimize the environmental impact by leading the industry standard for both environmental certification and quality for reduced consumption with our products.

- Processes are automated to streamline both delivery and administration.

  • Mattis Enertz

    "Full speed ahead"

    - Has for the past 15 years run companies in various forms, primarily in IT.

    - Technical knowledge from the regular PC market but also specific to cryptocurrency mining which has been a hobby for the last 5 years.

    - Started Svensk Mining and Minequips and verified the concept with equity capital.

    - Has over the years created stable flows from suppliers to end customers.

  • My Mollberg

    "Full eye ahead"

    - Solid experience as accounting consultant and administration for other companies.

    - Broad experience in accounting and runs, among other things, Mollberg Konsult.

    - Extensive experience in customer and supplier care.

    - Extensive experience in contact with authorities and importers.

    - Safety net of contacts with excellence.

  • Rickard Elis Björketun

    "Right must be right, otherwise it's wrong and it's not right!"

    - Purposeful miners and investors in both crypto, stocks and fixed income.

    - Accounting consultant and financial and tax advisor.

    - Pro at starting projects and ALMOST completing them.

    - Big geek and hobbyist in 3D printing, film, games and comics.

  • Jonas Forssander

    "A vision without implementation is just a hallucination"

    - The visionary without a doubt in the eyes of many, but who likes to dive deep into things. However, not at all afraid to "walk away" if it is not "right".

    - Passionate crypto miner in GPU and CPU coins with eyes on ASICs.

    - We are all here to learn and once be all rookies.


We sell hardware and software for cryptocurrency mining.

We distinguish ourselves by only selling tested and approved hardware, each new product is tested before it is published in the webshop and product documentation is stored.

Directly issued certificates that make us alone on the European market for the majority of sought-after products.

Self-developed chassis based on miners' wishes.

  • Environment

    The image of all miners polluting the environment is true no matter how you look at it. Where we come in as sustainable is that the products, unlike the competitors, pass CE and thus the limits that exist on hazardous substances. By selling quality products with a longer warranty than the competitors, the amount of electronic scrap is reduced.

  • Social

    We create commitment through participation, fair compensation and continuing education in a healthy, diversified, creative and developing environment. We value a positive attitude and employees' acceptance of responsibility. Our colleagues are heard and welcomed to get involved in all matters relating to their everyday life, we see every potential for improvement as a way to constantly develop our quality.